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Ways to keep your pets active during the Coronavirus pandemic!

Keep Walking: Try to find 10-15 minutes twice a day and walk at a decent pace through your home our outside with your pet. It gets your pet and you moving!

Play Hide and Seek: Hide some treats or favorite toys around your home and let your pet find them.

Play Tag: This can be done in a hallway, basement, or backyard. Grab your pet’s favorite soft toy, give it a toss, except this time, race your dog to retrieve it.

Take the Stairs: If you have stairs and your pet is mobile, go up and down the stairs with them twice a day for about 5 to 10 minutes.

If You Have Outdoor Space, Use it: If the weather is nice and you have a backyard space, get some fresh air while you power walk around the area with your pet.

Check-in on Feeding Habits: If you’ve been overfeeding your pet, now’s a good time to start to cut back their food a little bit if necessary, especially if they’re used to much more daily exercise!

We hope you and your loved ones (including your pets) are staying healthy and safe in this crazy time. It's encouraging to see how our community has come together in the past few weeks. Please know that during these uncertain times, if you have any questions or need anything for your animals. We are here to help! 

- The Riverside Team

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